Support Group for
Adult Children of Aging Parents

Do you want support and do you like to be in a group setting?

The Adult Children of Aging Parents Support Group meets once a week.

We meet on Zoom.

It’s a drop-in format (with advanced registration required).

The times vary to fit people's varying schedules.

Cost: $15/session.

You’re not alone in your experience. You’ll be glad you came! 

Sign Up Here

Sign up to attend a support group meeting and/or to get on the Group’s mailing list (so you always know when we’re meeting each month).

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By signing up for this group, you acknowledge that

1) These groups are confidential, with two caveats:

  • While confidentiality is one of the group agreements, I cannot control whether members of the group adhere to that agreement.

  • I will keep your information private except in certain circumstances, such as if I learn about elder or child abuse, or if you tell me that you intend to commit a crime, or if I am required by law to share information (e.g., pursuant to valid court order or subpoena).

2) Your payment for this group is non-refundable and non-transferable to other people or other dates. 

Thank you for completing the sign-up. You will be receiving a confirmation email with more details in the next few days. I look forward to meeting with you soon!