Personal Coaching for Adult Children of Aging Parents

For the past several years I’ve been doing executive coaching: helping people with career changes, special projects, time-management, people management, etc. It’s always the same kind of process: you can read more about it on the the page, “Taking Your Jumbled Ideas and Making Them Actionable.” 


Recently I realized, through my own personal experience and that of my friends, that people with aging parents can also benefit from coaching

When our parents age and start to need us more (whether they think so or not), it’s as if we just got a new job, and not necessarily one that we applied for or trained for. It’s multi-faceted, and may seem to change from month to month (or day to day). And it often calls for specialized knowledge (e.g. Medicare rules, housing options) that we don’t necessarily have.

When a person finds him or herself dealing with multiple priorities and a bunch of unknowns, hiring a coach can help. 


In a typical coaching session, my client "dumps out" all of their thoughts on the table, and together, we organize and prioritize them. I help people figure out how to bite off what they can chew and how to find resources for further support. Clients have told me that they come away from their coaching session feeling more organized, confident, comforted, and hopeful.

I’m not a therapist. Nor am I a doctor, a lawyer, a senior housing expert, or a medicare expert. But I’m familiar with the wide range of concerns that adult children of aging parents might be experiencing, and my job as a a coach is to listen with empathy, cheerlead with energy, and facilitate your organized thinking. (I can also give referrals to specialized experts.)

When I coach executives, we usually have a minimum number of sessions and I have a standard charge. This kind of coaching is unique in that my clients are already overcommitted and are paying out of pocket, so I charge just $50 for an hour by phone, or $75 to meet for up to 1.5 hours in person, and clients are welcome to meet with me just once or twice and then see what direction life takes them. 


Would you like to know more? If so, please contact me by calling me at 303-886-5116, or emailing me at or through my Contact page on this website.