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Feel more confident, comforted, organized, and hopeful.

Taking your jumbled ideas...& making them actionable.

Get data you can use.

For long and short-term projects


coaching adult children of aging parents

When our parents age and start to need us more (whether they think so or not), it’s as if we just got a new job, and not necessarily one that we applied for or trained for. It’s multi-faceted, and may seem to change from month to month (or day to day). And it often calls for specialized knowledge (e.g. Medicare rules, housing options) that we don’t necessarily have.When a person finds him or herself dealing with multiple priorities and a bunch of unknowns, hiring a coach can help them feel more organized, confident, comforted, and hopeful.



TYJI…& MTA (taking your jumbled ideas…& making them actionable)

People who work in nonprofit organizations often have creative – even visionary – ideas about how they can improve their programs and services, or create new ones. Getting the momentum to move forward on those ideas can be a challenge.*


One service that Maggie provides to her clients with great results is Taking Your Jumbled Ideas…& Making Them Actionable.


She does this by listening to her clients’ ideas, analyzing and synthesizing them, and developing a map for action. For this work, Maggie draws on a variety of tools including executive coaching, group facilitation, and teaching.


She also helps her clients by creating user-friendly roadmaps such as logic models, work plans, Gantt charts, and flow charts.

Contact Maggie Miller Consulting and describe your idea, and to arrange a free introductory consultation.

*Because Maggie is personally interested in issues related to aging and end-of-life, she now offers coaching to adult children of aging parents.



program evaluation

Programs are more successful when the evaluation component is built into the planning stage. People who work in nonprofit organizations want to evaluate their programs in order to document their success, build upon their achievements, and learn how to improve their program. Sometimes program evaluation is required by the funder.


No matter the reason, it is a good idea to bring in an independent evaluator, because she or he brings specialized expertise and an outsider’s perspective to the process. Maggie brings her skill and experience in formative, summative, process, outcome, and/or developmental evaluation to serve her her clients. She creates evaluation plans and logic models, conducts interviews, surveys, focus groups, out of the box methods, writes reports, and helps clients use data.

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facilitating groups for short and long-term projects

Many projects involve group-work, and it is often critical to authentically involve stakeholders and bring diverse ideas to the table.


Maggie is a skilled facilitator who works with her clients to ensure that people feel – and are – heard. She does this by listening closely to client concerns, carefully planning and preparing for meetings, facilitating or co-facilitating as appropriate to the project and client needs, and engaging in thorough follow-up.


Whether you need to work with a group of people for one hour or 18 months, you will get a smooth process and rich results when you work with Maggie.


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