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What People Ask Me to Do as Their Evaluator


Organization X had been growing over the past several years, and the board wanted the staff to demonstrate impact. Staff worked with me for about two years, developing a logic model and evaluation plan, and then developing and implementing evaluation methods. I wrote several types of reports for the organization, each one customized to a particular audience. I also attended several stakeholder meetings and facilitated group conversations about the data and what to do with it.

Clients work with me in various ways, depending on their needs. Here are some mash-up examples of different ways I work with clients.

What people ask me to do

(This is about my work in evaluation. If you want to know more about my coaching work, check it out here.)


Organization Y had a stack of completed surveys, a deadline for a grant report, and no staff time. The overworked staff asked me to write a slam-dunk report analyzing the quantitative and qualitative data. I produced the report by the deadline and my client breathed a sigh of relief.

Organization Z wanted to implement a new program and learn everything they could along the way. The staff worked closely with me to collect data in the most efficient ways possible, and to immediately use everything they learned. Because their budget was quite limited, we worked as partners at every step. Both the staff and I enjoyed learning and growing together, and the program evolved successfully to its next iteration.


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