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What Evaluation Clients Like About Working With Me​

People who work with me appreciate my collaborative nature. They like that I bring expertise – but not attitude – to evaluation work.

They also like how I can customize the scope of work to meet their needs, even as their needs evolve over time.

If you already know how to do evaluation, you’ll enjoy the creative process of working with a thought partner. If you want to know more about evaluation, you’ll have fun learning from me as we work together.


Evaluation Clients By Industry Category

1. education


2. museums/libraries/etc.


3. human services


   4. arts


   5. jewish community




  6. government

   7. associates/partners


  8. pro-bono


10. teaching about evaluation




I have had the great pleasure of working with Maggie Miller on many levels – as our external evaluator of a federally-funded program in which I was a co-PI, as a co-presenter at a workshop at a regional museum conference, and as a trusted professional colleague. Maggie brings warmth, enthusiasm, innovation, and intrepid energy to every evaluation or professional development project I’ve worked with her on. She thinks outside the box; she is constantly saying, “Hey, why don’t we try this?” She is excellent at managing diverse personalities and perspectives, which is so critical as a consultant in today’s world. She is incredibly sharp and knowledgeable, but at the same time, she desires life-longer learning and developing herself to be a better professional. Maggie truly is an asset to our Denver area community.

-Marley Steele-Inama, Denver Zoo


The sign of a true social science genius is someone who knows the craft so well that they can bring people with no background in the field across their project's finish line with an impressive high quality product.  Over the past 5 years I have worked with Maggie from my position at three different organizations.  Each time she has made research and data analysis a total delight.  Our work together has delivered incredible products.  I always look forward to our meetings together because they feel lighthearted and deeply productive at once.  She knows what she's doing and can find valid ways to measure things that feel impossible to measure, a common roadblock in human services work.

-Hillary Frances, Emily Griffith Technical College


Maggie was able to ramp up quickly on a complex project we hired her to complete.  She listened intently to all the stakeholder’s varied and charged agendas, found common ground and built compromise.  She was able to use her exceptional facilitation skills and organizational project management skills to engage the all the people at the table. Caring yet assertive, she was able to complete the task under budget and on time. She played an absolutely critical role to this project’s success.

-Kathleen Keelan, Colorado Department of Education


Maintaining a focus on the results and allowing latitude to redirect as needed, Maggie has assets — skills, knowledge, and a style of collaboration — that have truly impacted the success of the projects on which we have worked. Her ability to “begin with the end in mind” has helped us to maintain a focus on the results we seek, while at the same time allowing us the latitude to redirect our efforts when it has been in the best interest of achieving our overall objectives. Maggie’s ability to ask insightful questions is a characteristic that results in increased clarity, a broader vision, and client confidence. 

-Heather Clifton, Educational Consultant

Maggie Miller hits the ground running when given a new project to manage. She is well organized, articulate, reliable and able to manage multiple priorities and deadlines. She facilitates meetings to achieve the objectives of the agenda and reach decisions. Maggie is clear about her opinions, but she also recognizes and respects the needs of her clients and knows when to press a point and when to defer to others. She is always helpful in thinking through difficult issues and proposing alternatives. Maggie can ‘read’ her audiences and respond appropriately to help move a discussion forward. She always keeps the client in mind as first priority. Maggie is a strong candidate for any project which requires a strong, experienced, effective professional.

-Shere Kahn, Jewish Colorado

JEWISHcolorado logo.png

Maggie has been the ultimate guide for our evaluation project, facilitating our process and learning with us every step of the way. She responded to our desired methodology with a series of instruments that we could implement with teachers, administrators, kids, and families, therefore supporting our goals to gain insight into our audience and developing staff capacity around evaluation skills. Following interviews and listening sessions, Maggie helped us articulate our findings in a manner that met the needs of a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Maggie has brought a dynamic and informed perspective to this project, which has pushed us in new ways and supported finding context within the educational landscape in Denver.

-Kristina Mahoney, Denver Art Museum

denver art museum.png

We absolutely loved working with Maggie Miller Consulting. Not only is Maggie very passionate about evaluation, she was very easy to work with, took the time to understand our needs, worked within our budget, and helped us think through our staff capacity to implement our evaluation plan. Maggie has helped us with evaluation projects large and small and was great to work with. We look forward to working with Maggie again!

-Ford Church, Cottonwood Institute

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